WAKE UP your mind ★ REMEMBER who you really are ★ UNITE and love one another ★ EVOLVE without fear


WASH YOUR BRAIN is a reminder that YOU can deprogram your mind and liberate your Self from all that binds. To stop the identity theft that takes place everyday through mind control. To remind each of us that there is no happiness in slavery. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (food, media and drugs) and YOU are the one in control of your life. It’s time to wake up and remember your divinity. CHOOSE LOVE and CHOOSE YOU. Let's be the change we wish to see in our beautiful world and ENJOY THE RIDE! ☆‿☆


We want you to remember who you really are. This is not a group or organization to join. This is a collective effort, where everyone contributes and shares in the responsibility of helping to remind each of us of our own divinity. WYB consists of a website with videos, writing, music, art and interviews. All content created for WYB is free for everyone. The goal is for each individual to reclaim their own sovereignty, free from mind control and programming. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

We create and share content that promotes creativity and personal growth to help motivate you to be the best you can be. We hope to inspire you and provide a basis for you to think outside-the-box. We want each of you to discover your limitless potential. We encourage discernment and critical thinking. We certainly don’t believe everything we see, hear and read, and we don’t encourage you to either. We do encourage you to question everything, educate your Self and to use your own intuition. Knowledge IS power and it eliminates fear.

Many of you may think you are free and don't even realize there is a great effort underway to control your minds. This is VERY important: WE HAVE ALL BEEN PROGRAMMED! Each of us has been programmed since birth. If you went to a public or private school.. IF YOU WATCH ANY TV.. if you eat food you didn't grow yourself.. if you drink water from someone else's well.. if you consume blindly without asking questions.. you have been programmed. Please know this IS NOT YOUR FAULT, you could not have avoided this unless you were raised by wolves ☆‿☆ There is an esoteric agenda behind most media and corporations, as well as heavy programming in Hollywood and the music industry. TV, movies, music and video games are at the forefront in controlling your thoughts and your subconscious mind.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT believe what we say! Do your own research and come to your own conclusions!

Can you imagine if your teachers in school had said this at the beginning of every class? Can you imagine how different your information would have been? What IS the criteria upon which you base your decisions? Society or intuition? Which is real? For those of you out of school, how do you feel about the education you received? Does that still function for you now that you're older? How many lies have you been taught that you already figured out for yourself? Friendly Thanksgiving dinner with the happy Indians, anyone?

It doesn't matter what race you are, or your religion, where you live, how much money you have or haven't got. It won't consider whether you're black, white, brown or yellow. it doesn't care what your last name is.. All it cares about it is whether it can control your mind. PLEASE wake up and look around you, Ignoring it won't make it go away. We understand this can be quite upsetting, no-one wants to find out they’ve been lied to. But now, more than ever, we need to Love each other and help and support one another through these times of realization. Together we can get through this, TOGETHER IS THE ONLY WAY to move forward.

Acting out won't help either, but acting in will. You can't fight for peace ☆‿☆ it will simply never work. Starting a revolution outside ourselves won't work either, we all have to stop and take a good long look at our Self. Only changes made within can effect the whole. Please question more before just accepting what is given to you. Contemplate before just consuming. If you want to fight back and protest, then do so by spreading this knowledge to your family, friends and neighbors. GROW YOUR OWN FOOD from organic seeds or buy from local organic farmers.. TURN OFF THE TV.. unplug and get back in touch with nature.. spend more time laughing, singing, dancing and doing anything creative.. and most importantly, Love and accept your Self.. these are the best ways to fight back. To change anything, we must BE and DO it.

Remember, YOU ARE AWESOME! Love the skin you are in and appreciate the divinity in you. Approve of your Self and Love your Self. The kingdom of God is truly WITHIN YOU!

On a more personal note..

I am a lady who is passionate about co-creating a better world for us all and who wishes to see us live up to our full potential. I started this website because I care.. about YOU, my Self and our beautiful planet. I am an artist who from an early age has been fascinated with the unknown, ancient history, astrobiology, esoteric knowledge, S P A C E, religions and all things kept hidden. I have always felt that things were not as they seem. Later in life I worked as a creative professional in the field of marketing and advertising for some major entertainment companies which afforded me the vision to see how these systems of control work from the inside using mass media. My real awakening didn't occur until 9-11-2001 when I watched The WTC Towers collapse in front of me with my own eyes. This event led to my decent down the rabbit hole, where I was guided by my intuition to explore and to seek out all the truths that have been kept from us. Having spent all the years since then, searching for the truth, I am now encouraging YOU to do the same ☆‿☆ Ariel is my partner-in-Time and he joined me in this endeavor because he is also an artist who is passionate about co-creating a better world through education, personal growth, creativity and Love.

Thank You for having an open mind and heart! I wish for complete autonomy, equality and liberation from all that binds us. Please feel free to send ANY questions or comments that you may have. info@washyourbrain.org You are never alone!! ☆‿☆ With Much Love, Tania

Peace of mind creates peace on earth.. and it starts with YOU. ♡

We are a dynamic duo traveling through Time and our passion is to create.






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