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go here There’s no excuse.. if you are alive, you are a creator and should be creating. YOU are an artist. And you are creating art everyday.. life is your canvas. Getting dressed, putting on makeup, cooking, speaking, writing, dancing, singing, daydreaming, brainstorming.. these are all creative acts that each of us do everyday. We are born artists, but most of us have been conditioned our entire life to stop becoming one. Each of us has the gift of conscious awareness and creativity. Creative activity combines the energies of feelings, imagination and thought.. in other words, it's MAGIC ☆‿☆

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Tramadol Cod Online Of all the billions of people who populate the Earth, you and you alone are capable of creating something unique. Whether it’s a lifetime of exquisite paintings, the ultimate invention, planting a beautiful garden, composing music, creating a cinematic masterpiece, or even a child.. you are the only one who carries the blueprints. So express yourself by bringing your creative visions into reality and MAKE GOOD ART!

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get link Many thanks to all the extremely talented artists and performers in this video and special thanks to Neil Gaiman for his awe inspiring words. ♡

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